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It continues.

Well it happened again. My theory about more things happening in the holidays seems to be correct, as it’s half term now. This is what happened today;

We where going out on a bike ride, and Zed had said before we went that he was tired. So we are cycling along, and he starts moaning about how much further we have to go. (We used to go walking and he would do the same things, and say how he hated walking. When we finally gave in, we decided instead of going walking we would go cycling, but now he just does the same things again.) anyway, eventually we arrived at the end, and before we turned around we sat down to have lunch. As it was quite cold, we decided to get some hot drinks. Zed decides not to get anything, but everyone else gets a drink. He then asks for an ice cream, but mum says ‘you have to eat at least one quarter more of your sand which. He eats all of it, except for one bite. He then refuses to eat anymore, as he had one bite in the car on the way here. He moans and moans, but eventually he says ‘fine then, I’ll eat your sandwhich he takes the one bite left over and throws the rest at dad. He then shouts and says ‘you’re definitely not getting an ice cream now!’ Zed starts crying and eventually says sorry. This is a big improvement, him saying sorry without being prompted. So dad makes sure he recognised that Zed says sorry and buys us all an ice cream.